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We adapt our approach

Changes in technology, policy, sustainability, and competition are forcing industries to transform. The maritime industry is no exception. Factors like evolving market conditions, new competition, and new technologies only add to the urgency for action. Let us assist you in arriving at a Solution.

Why trust us

  • Vast experience working within the maritime sector.
  • Fully supported with team of maritime and sustainability specialists.
  • Tailored solutions as per the client and project needs.
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Working towards maritime sustainability

Analyzing the policy and regulation changes, diversification, digitization, and emission control measures, we support our clients, from curbing emissions to adopting sustainable solutions.


What we do

Sustainable Solutions

Maritime Energy Management

Maritime Technology Uptake

Maritime Operational Services

Maritime Accident Investigation

Regulatory Measures in Maritime Operations

Maritime Training

Emission Inventories

Latest News

December 11, 2023

First global stocktake under the Paris Agreement – COP28

Back First global stocktake under the Paris Agreement recognizes the need to accelerate sustainable, affordable, and inclusive energy transitions 11th Dec 2023At COP 28 in the First global stocktake under…
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December 11, 2023

Global maritime leaders unite for net zero shipping at COP28 summit

Back Global maritime leaders unite for net zero shipping at COP28 summit 11th Dec 2023In the context of the International Maritime Organization’s (IMO) revised greenhouse gas strategy, updated climate science and…
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August 31, 2023

FuelEU Maritime

Back FuelEU Maritime 31st Aug 2023 What is FuelEU Maritime? FuelEU Maritime is a regulation which aims to support the decarbonization of the shipping industry. Upon entering into force from…
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