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Distributing Carbon Revenues from Shipping

20th June 2023

International shipping accounts for nearly three percent of global greenhouse gas emissions. If no further action is taken, these emissions are set to grow significantly. Apart from reducing emissions, there is a strong call for shipping’s decarbonization to be equitable. In this light, the International Maritime Organization is considering a price on carbon. This could raise $40 to $60 billion annually in revenues between 2025 and 2050.

The report from the World Bank Group discusses which countries could access carbon revenues, for what purposes, and on what terms. It argues that revenues should be used to decarbonize shipping, enhance maritime infrastructure, and support broader climate aims. This (mix of options to use carbon revenues) would speed up shipping’s transition to zero-carbon energy, help build the necessary infrastructure, lower maritime transport costs, and result in climate benefits beyond maritime transport.

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