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Maritime Technologies Forum (MTF) – Framework for Assessing Decarbonization Technologies and Alternative Energy Carriers

15 March 2023

The Maritime Technologies Forum (MTF) is a forum of Flag States and Classification Societies. It has been established to provide technical and regulatory expertise to benefit the maritime industry.

Employing system engineering approach the MTF report uses eight categories of evaluation, including sustainability and environmental, safety, security, economic feasibility, regulatory, people, technology status and engineering. Report found that when bio-methanol and green ammonia are compared to fossil MGO and LNG they perform better in the sustainability and environmental category but score lower in other key categories, primarily due to the lack of a comparable fuel value chain. As regulations and research for bio-methanol and green ammonia expand, it is expected they will become increasingly competitive fuel solutions.

The assessment also found that because bio-methanol and green ammonia lack sufficient data, more training and pilot projects will be needed to better understand the economic feasibility of both fuel solutions and to gain practical experience to build a scalable and global workforce.