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About Us

Sustainable and Innovative ideas are at the core of our thinking while we provide various maritime solutions. With extensive experience in the areas we serve, SIMS is dedicated to the highest standards while providing you the best solution tailored to your needs. From industry professionals to leading researchers, our experts can provide the time and attention required for a quality solution. In addition to traditional maritime services, we have successfully delivered projects aimed at increasing sustainability within shipping operations.

“Every problem has a solution. You just have to be creative enough to find it.” Travis Kalanick

SIMS strives to be the trusted partner of its customers in their solution seeking by providing sustainable and innovative solutions.

We adapt our approach

We adapt our approach based on the future demands of the sector to ensure that the needs of our customers are fully met at all times. We are an agile organisation that responds quickly to all enquiries, with dedicated expertise readily available to support our customers whenever required.

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Working towards maritime sustainability

Analyzing the policy and regulation changes, diversification, digitization, and emission control measures we support our clients from curbing emissions to adopting sustainable solutions.